Long term effects

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I searched for this and came up nothing.

What are the long term effects on a person kidneys while on dialysis?

In other words if you have some renal function left will this stop after being on dialysis for a given time?

bobeleanor :?:

Long term effects include bone disease and amyloids, but may vary individually…however, if managed well by Dr’s advice then the effects
can be slowed down or even halted…

Hey Gus

I was aware of somethings like the bone etc. But what happens to the kidney that is still in you. Will it still make urine or disspell waste of some type if you are on dialysis for a yr, for two etc. Will the kidney do anything but take up space? Like I said I try to look this up on this page and else where can’t seem to find what happens to the bad kidney or kidneys? Are there posts on this already?
bobeleanor :?:

If the kidneys are your own and pose no problems at all then they just don’t do anything about them. In most cases, the glands above the kidneys help produce some Erythropoietin …

In my case, my kidneys were completely removed…

I’ve been on dialysis 13 years and Nxstage the last few months, my kidneys are just there not working, I produce no urine. Well maybe 1cc a day of urine if even that.

Bobealeanor, non-working kidneys tend to shrink over time and become very dense. Or, they do have an increased risk of growing cysts, and, in some cases, tumors. It isn’t dialysis itself, generally, that makes the residual kidney function stop, it’s the disease process.

Hi bob,
my husbands natural kidneys shrivelled up and only one can be seen now on an ultrasound. They other can’t be found. They think that it is very very small. His own kidney’s haven’t worked for over 20 years.
His transplant kidney they had to remove. So, he in fact has no kidneys at all.
When he first started dialysis back in 1980, after 6months on dialysis he stopped urinating. This time around on dialysis it was the same thing.
he passed no urine at all.

I have heard that some people still pass urine for a number of years. I think it depends on how much function you have left and how long it will last for.
hope this helps.

Even worse, some people need their non-working kidneys removed for the reason that they start unrinating blood! …ewww