Looking towards the future

Hi all,

I'm not a patient, just another dialysis nurse trying to find good therapies for my home patients. 

Some of you are on the NxStage. I am in NH and am looking for a unit or patient close to me that I can visit to observe this new machine. My unit is considering it. Anyone out there in NH, VT, MA?

How about a promo video? You can try contacting Nxstage for a promo video showing this machine in action…

If they don’t have a video, perhaps just maybe I’d make one myself…would have to contact Nxstage first before proceding…

Thanks for your reply Gus. I think you have a good idea…a star is born!
Let me know how it goes with Nx Stage.
I guess I’d just like to see with my own 2 eyes how easy it is to set up, and operate. Are there troublesome alarms? Have machines had to be replaced? That kind of stuff.


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I’m sure if you contact NxStage they can put you in touch with a unit. I hear there are several units with very successful home programs.