Losing weight

Any suggestions for trying to lose weight in order to get a transplant while battling DAILY FATIGUE and that INSANE ITCHING that starts with exercise?

Hi Terry and Heather
Can’t help with the itch as I haven’t had it but exercise definitely helps everything else for me. I know it is difficult for many who have pain from bone or muscular problems, but walking and swimming are extremely beneficial. My sister, who has had back surgery, degenerative arhtritis and is in constant pain still manages to swim and walk each day and feels so much better both physically and mentally afterwards even if she has to drag herself out of bed. She started back slowly and now can beat me walking!
I find even on Nocturnal it takes me several hours to feel right, but then I keep to my gym, walk , swim routine if I can. Getting a proper gym program started can be a big help. Since I have been back at a gym, I can feel and see improvement every day. I also try and eat healthily and well ( mostly) and try not to overeat, but regular exercise definitely makes food more enjoyable. Life is too short to starve!
Cheers 8)

Altho my wife moans a lot about our pool, it was wonderful for me when I had a bad bout of arthritis (thinking back, this probably to do with the IgaN) some years ago. THere were days I could hardly get out of bed & did so like an old cripple :frowning: …but once I’d fallen in the pool (easiest way in! :lol: ), I loosened up, did some stretching exercises, then swam a bit, then got out showered & went to work. Without it, I know these would have been sickies, not work days!! :slight_smile:
I too couldn’t exercise at all, for the first few months of dx, as I’d been so low on P.D. that my fatigue level was abysmal. But I’m feeling a bit better all the time now & it’s being remarked on by everyone. MY weight started coming down as soon as I went on H.D., but they rang & said “maintain your weight” the week after I went on nocturnal & they got the bloods (not sure why tho…) otherwise it would be going down even more. 8)

Im in the same situation. Its up to me when the transplant op goes ahead, but its just so hard to do any real form of excercise. I feel like crap most days. I am at my best after my night off from dialysis. My main problem is my feet pain and numbness, and fatigue. One thing I can reccommend is aquarobics. I did it over the summer twice a week and it was so much fun. Bit too chilly to do it now! Ive got a really cool tredmill to use now, I just need to get some energy to use it! I use up most of my energy doing the housework. If only I could get someone to do it for me lol

What are your lab values for dialysis adequacy, albumin, and anemia? If you’re not getting enough dialysis, if your protein level is low and/or if you’re anemic, you’ll probably feel like badly.

Are you doing dialysis 3 times a week and having to take off lots of toxins in that time frame? If so, most patients say they feel washed out and feel better right before they do dialysis again. Ask about getting more dialysis. It could improve your adequacy, appetite, and anemia.

How much fluid weight do you gain between dialysis treatments and have to take off during dialysis? Patients have told me the more fluid dialysis has to take off, the worse they feel afterwards. Some even get cramps or drop their blood pressure really low.

How active are you normally? Does any indoor pool offer the water aerobics? This sounds like a perfect exercise for you. It’s fun, it’s social, and it probably makes you sweat less. With any exercise you do, start off slowly and build up if you haven’t been very active. Otherwise, you’ll burn out and stop doing it. Also, exercise with friends to help keep you motivated.

What is your phosphorus level? If you itch when you sweat, this might be the cause. If your your phosphorus is high, talk with the dietitian about how to adjust your dietary phosphorus intake and/or how to binders your binders in case you’re not taking them the best way to bind as much phosphorus as possible.

Along with all that Beth suggests also ask your doctor about being tested for RA… My labs were excellent and I even upped my tx. time, also have no need yet for fluid removal but still felt poorly and then started to hurt all over, have lack of energy ect… PCP finally decided to do bloodwork and discovered I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. The docs and I tend to blame a lot on dialysis but that isn’t always the case. Lin

Can anything be done for the RA? Have you ruled out any kind of bone disease from dialysis?

Im getting all the dialysis I can get - 10 hours- 3-4 nights per week. I feel better than I used to, but I still get very tired. My bloods are mostly good. Hb a little low, but even when it was at its highest at 120, I didnt feel all that different.