Make a change

hey just looking for some advice. right now Ionly work 20 hours a week but get paid for 40 duto long term disability insurance. but now I have been offered a teaching job full time, and by the way the job I have now I hate makes me dread mondays. any advice would be helpful.and one other thing the job I have now pays for my medical insurance.

I’d suggest taking a piece of paper and drawing a line down the middle dividing right from left. Label the left column "Why I should stay in my current job. Label the right column “Why I should take the teaching job.” Assign 1-5 points to each of the items in the columns to reflect how important that item is. Add the point totals and see which column has the most points.

These are some things to get you started thinking…
– If you have health insurance from your former employer can you get health insurance right away from the new job? [NOTE: If your employer had 20 or more employees on 50% of the days last year, ask about COBRA to continue health coverage until any new coverage starts.]
– What is the salary from the teaching job compared with the salary you get from your current job with the disability payment?
– How would you rank your job satisfaction from your current job compared with the job satisfaction you think you’ll get with the new job?
– What made you apply for the the teaching job (what thoughts went through your head)?
– Do you believe you can do the teaching job?

the teaching job is a little less about 400. I get no satisfaction from the job I have now, can honest say I hate it

It’s important to do what makes you happen and if you get no job satisfaction from your current job, that should put extra points on the side of the sheet with the new job.

I’d suggest that you check out the vacation, sick leave and disability policy and how soon you could use them with the new job. When someone has kidney disease, it’s likely that you will need to take time off occasionally. You may need to take more than a few days off if you get a transplant or other surgery or are hospitalized. If you’re teaching in a school system, it’s likely that you would be covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act after a year, but the first year is what you need to look out for.