Medicare coverage equipment /supplies

I am interested in knowing the quality of supplies Medicare supplies for home txs. and if every single item needed for home txs is covered, or if there are some items you must provide yourself?

Check out this thread:

This, like many things, will vary by your clinic. I provide my own b/p cuff, scale, chair/bed, hospital table, extra iv pole (makes treatment easier), alcohol for soaking tweezers and for guaze, hand sanitizer, hand soap, thermometer. They provide machine, manuals, dialysate, cartridges, saline, alcohol pads, betadyne pads, tape, syringes, heparin, blood tubes and vacutainers for drawing blood, needles, blue pads, log sheets, guaze, shipment boxes for blood after blood draw, tweezers.

I’m sure I forgot some things, but I think you get the idea. “Quality” depends on the eye of the beholder, they order stuff from medical supply companies. I have no complaints on the quality of any of my supplies.


Quality stuff here, I mean c’mon…have you heard from Fresenius? Baxter? all misc items also common in clinics and hospitals…