Merry Christmas

To all a very Merry Christmas!
I thank God every day for Ralph!
Another year has passed and he is doing pretty well.
We have so many blessings!
Bless all especially the caregivers!
Pat & Ralph

Hi Pat and everybody else that posts here.
A very happy Christmas and a fantastic 2008 to all of you from down here in Aussieland. Just about to go and stuff ourselves full of Christmas cheer.
Take care all.
Luv Mel

All of us at Medical Education Institute wish all of you a very happy and safe holiday season. We appreciate your willingness to ask questions and share your experiences, suggestions and support on Home Dialysis Central. Thank you for making Home Dialysis Central one of the go-to places for people with kidney damage/failure and professionals interested in learning more about options for treatment at home and living on dialysis (not for dialysis).

Hi Folks

Very Merry Christmas…

Looking forward to staying in contact with all the Very Helpful and Good People on this Board Happy New Years

Bob OBrien

Merry Christmas everyone!!