Monthly neph apointments with home programs

In-center we say patients should see their nephs once a week not once a month. But in home programs patients only see neph once a month. Is there less need to see neph and other members of the care team when one is in a home program?

I don’t know about other programs, but in mine, we see our neph once every one or two months. People on daily hemo tend to be pretty stable in terms of nephrology lab results. In one way though, the follow-up is closer than at the centre anyway, because there’s no rotation of nephs. We always see the same home hemo nephrologist. Plus, we have one primary care nurse who we can call anytime. So all things considered, it seems to be that we get better follow-up here as home hemo patients.

Patients doing home dialysis are typically more stable than in-center patients or they wouldn’t be allowed to do home dialysis. Patients doing home dialysis may be doing home dialysis to some extent because it is inconvenient to go to the dialysis center because of job, family responsibilities, distance, transportation problems, etc. A home patient has access to the home training nurse, dietitian, and social worker any time during the month by phone or in the clinic. Clinic visits with all the team are held once monthly in the U.S. typically. If a patient on home dialysis needs to see the nephrologist, he/she should call the doctor’s office and make an appointment.