More Home Programs

Not listed in the clinics offering home hemo there is one in Binghamton, NY and 1 am 95% sure 1 in Rochester, NY.

Thanks for letting us know this. We are dependent on clinics to let us know when they add home programs. We’d appreciate any help those of you who read/post to these boards can provide in our effort to keep our database up-to-date.

Please alert clinics that you know have home programs that that we will list their clinic for free on Home Dialysis Central. Staff at the clinic add their clinics easily to our database. All they have to do is choose Find a Center from our homepage and select to Add a Listing. This will bring up a form that they complete that includes their contact information and the treatments they offer.

If a clinic already offers some home dialysis options and needs to add new home options, they can do this by choosing Edit Your Listing from the homepage. Again, they will get a form to complete.

I get these forms and add/edit listings as quickly as I can after receiving an Add or Edit form. Again, there is no charge for a basic listing. We know that patients are using the database to find and choose clinics. There is no downside to listing.

If I find out which Rochester Center and I get a contact in Binghamton I’ll ask them to add their clinic to the find a center board.

Thanks, Marty. I know there are clinics that aren’t on our database. We don’t know where they are. And surprisingly, they either don’t know about us or they think they don’t need to let people know where they are – that their nephrologists will refer patients to them. No one is considering that some patients will switch doctors and clinics to get home dialysis…if they know it exists.