More Information

Hi and good day to you all!

Before we are going to decide on home hemo or home PD we would like more info.

How much time you can be on PD?

Did the catheter produce infections? It must be change often?

Who is delivering the the supplies and how much space is needed?

How ( and if) can you travel?

What a re the dietary restrictions?

Thanks a lot


First again a lot of thanks!!!

My husband is 64, about 195 lb, 5 ft 9 ( I am used to metric), he is diabetic and the deterioration of kidney function had occured extremly fast ( less than one year) from creatinine of 120 to 414 in January; he also has HBP and takes medication for this, colesterol and insulin for diabetis. He id taking now Eprex , and the hemoglobin went a bit up.

We live in an apartment building but have a locker room , that eventually will be dedicated to the supplies.

We do not know when he had to begin dialisysis but want to afind as much as possible in advance, also we will feel more in control.

We are going for sure for home dialysis, and it looks from the advice received that PD will be the first step.

How about the nocturnal cycler PD? What are the pro and cons?

It did not bother you the additional liquid in the body?

How the clothes fit ( this sounds a bit shallow ) but it just come to mind!

Sorry to be such a nuisance, but I read a lot , want to know from users point of view.

Again thanks we are really grateful for all of this,

I use the nocturnal cycler for PD - & I love it! It takes me about 15-20 minutes to set up, but then when I’m ready for bed, I just connect & the machine does the rest. I have a 22 foot cord, that I can move about with - so if I need to get up during the night I can, without disconnecting. (there are also other caps that you can use to completely disconnect from the machine until your next drain/fill time if you want) When I get up in the morning - I jot down my numbers, disconnect & the rest of the day is MINE.

Your husband is not to overweight for PD, so you don’t need to worry there.

Something that I have found that works wonderful for me is I set my machine on a baby changing table. I then have storage space for my heparin, alcohol pads, betadine pads, 2X2’s & 4X2’s & tape, as well as my syringes, caps, etc., and it is all centrally located. Hope this helps some - Ask any questions you want - I’m sure someone will be able to help… CJ

Here I go again!

1)What do you mean by not having anything growing in the nose?
2)Creatinine levels in Canada are the same just divide by 100
3)We are going this month to a multidisciplinary clinic ( ie our nephrologist, dietetian and we will see who else). The nurse from the home dialysis said that she think that it is yet in the future, the dr. said 6 months to a year.
4) how did you have the supplies on the cruise? we were looking at an Alaska cruise , maybe we will do it before the big D .

My husband is very tired and sleeps a lot, othewise he is fine.

Again thanks it is a real help both information and psyhological as encouragements

I forgot, my husband is OK as appetite, he eats well, is getting Calcium for binding and also Eprex twice a week. The dietician was emphasizing phosphate control.
He is feeling better than in the summer, but then his sugar was out of control ( change of medication) and now is under insulin.