More machine issues

In the event of a power failure, do you just return the blood manually and wait until later in the day to start the tx again? When I was first on dialysis, incenter, I was told that it is not a good thing to stick the needles twice in one day. I have forgotten what the reason was and wonder if it is truth or myth?

Trying to picture the hose running to drain. Are some of you saying that you have a long hose from machine to bathroom drain? Do you drain in toilet or sink or does drainage go directly into plumbing line? Then, after tx, do you roll the hose up so it is not an eyesore?

I think it depends, for example in my case there were about 2 times where I had to terminate treatment manually(returning blood)…and I didn’t do dialysis again that same day on one of them, the reason for that is that the problem occured only 1/2 before getting off so it wasn’t feasible to do dialysis again…the other time it happened after one hour on dialysis and on that session I did re-start dialysis on a new setup leaving my needles in filled with saline and taped with syringes, but only adjusted to run the time lost…so really I think it depends…prolly its okay to lose 1/2 hour and if you feel okay perhaps losing 1hour is okay to me but losing a whole treatment is bad…