Multiple Night alarms on home PD

I have been using home peritoneal dialysis since May of 2018.
During the night, I roll over on my patient exit tube setting off the Liberty cycler alarm
multiple times. Shifting my body solves the problem each time but the sound wakens
both me and my wife resulting in broken sleep.
Has anyone found a solution to protect the tube where it exits from the body?

Hi had the exact same thing, then decided to kick off my dialysis at lunchtime in my armchair, no worries if the akarm goes off, which it rarely does. PD ends about 21:00 then tidy up…bed.

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You might want to try to teach yourself to sleep on your back. Here’s a video that shows how.

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Hi Dick. I’m new to this forum and am the wife of a PD patient. We have the same problem with alarms on his Liberty Cycler. When he started PD in July, there was no problem with this, but after 2 months, he just canNOT sleep in our bed anymore without the alarms going off every drain cycle. So now he sleeps in his recliner, and we don’t have that problem anymore. We don’t like it, but the alternative makes a sleepless night for both of us.


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Hi JoAnna, you or your husband might want to talk with the PD nurse about options discussed in this video by Dr. Wong, who is a PD expert. The video was sponsored by Baxter and indicates that drain pain can be relieved.