My father has passed

Even though I have not posted very often over the past couple of years, this web site has provided me untold support and guidance in helping my father choose the right form of dialysis for him, and for helping us deal with the challenges we faced.
After struggling several weeks with hemodialysis then switching to PD last November, my father had many ups and downs with his treatment. He had a heart condition that we hoped dialysis would help alleviate but after major struggles with severely low hemoglobin and severely low blood pressure–as well as one more hospitalization last winter–my father, John, succumbed peacefully at home last week just before bedtime.
I must admit that I did not feel confident with his nephrologist. I posted here just a few weeks ago while we were trying to figure out how to get him switched to a nephrologist that would communicate better with my father’s cardiologist. I believe that our nephrologist’s lack of willingness to communicate with the cardiologist and his lack of interest in anything except from a strictly “dialysis” point of view, likely cost my father some years of his kind, generous and loving existence.
I regret the magnitude and duration of suffering my father endured but I am comforted that he loved life and his family enough to keep fighting as long and as hard as he did. I believe that I and my family did the best we could to make the right decisions and, again, I thank everyone on this web site for their support and for keeping the communication going.
I shall continue to follow issues related to dialysis, clinics, restrictions on epogen usage, etc., and perhaps find a way to ease the suffering of other patients and their loved ones in the future.
Sincerely, Betsey/babboo912

Betsey, I’m so sorry for your loss. Your father sounds like he was a wonderful, caring man, and I know you did everything in your power to help him with his many, complex health issues. Please accept my condolences, and I wish your family peace.

HI Betsey/babboo912

I wish Your Family All the peace A Family can find at this Time. Ihope that you do carry on working for better dialogue between healthcare consumer and healthcare provider.

Best To Your Family
Bob O’Brien


I am so sorry for the loss of your father. My dad is an elderly PD patient who is struggling with a nephrologist who is hard to get ahold of and has not been of much help when he can; his biggest problems right now are related to hypotension. However, as you said, this board has been so helpful and useful. I am grateful for all the information and caring present here.

My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.


Thank you for posting your concerns. Your questions could have helped many others facing similar situations. Your father was lucky to have such a loving daughter. I’m sorry for your loss.

Betsy! I am so sorry to hear about your fathers passing. may you find peace. you did every thing in your power to help him. I am also a PD patient 85 years old. I am doing fine thank god. I have a new nurse that is just learning PD. and only works one day a week. so I have a hard time getting a hold of her. I see the doctor once a month. So I feel like I am on my own . If I have problems with the cycler I call Fresinius they are pretty good about answering questions.
may god bless you. Virtsma