My second First Day of Training

Well it finally happened, I trained on the NxStage today. Talk about easy!! They want me to do everything myself on Monday, of course with the training nurse watching over me. My treatment time will decrease by 30-45 minutes, getting off time is about 5-10 minutes to walking away, and hopefully set up will be about 30 minutes, took about 50 today, but it was my first day, so I will probably save close to an hour and one half each day, plus be able to travel. Pray that my pre and posts remain good so that I get to come home with the new baby!!

home dialysis 9/04
switching from Fresenius to NxStage

Congrats Cathy!

I hope it all goes smoothly for you, you deserve the best.

I can see very soon there won’t be too many people using the older style machines left on this forum. It will make an interesting historical evolutionary document to read in a few years.

I am trying not to be too envious … :smiley:


That is great news. Due keep us posted. I am particularly interested in knowing if you feel as well with the NxStage short treatments as you did on the Fresenius. The center I take dad too has a rapidly growing daily program with the NxStage I’m right on the fence about switching. Also hear NxStage is working on modifications for nocturnal so I’m kind of treading water to see where this goes.

Your pre and post labs will be great and you’ll be home but I’ll pray anyway.