New and it won't be long

Hi Everyone…In the near future I will be starting dialysis. I have been researching everything I can find to make the right choices. I have decided on PD. Is there anyone in the Saginaw Mich area that can share their experiences with me?


I am not from Michigan but Ohio, but started training for PD 4/4/06 and
actually started on my own at home 4/14/06.
I had the catheter inserted 3/1/06.
I am doing very well and very glad of the choice I made.
The diet is more liberal, it is somewhat flexible and I have had no
problems at all. Can’t stress enough the importance of taking all the
precautions regarding cleanliness and care for catheter insertion site to
avoid infection. So important.
I feel good. tired sometimes but I believe that is normal.
Not as tired as I was before I started pd.
I was dreading dialysis and was so down about it I cried nearly all day
the day before surgery for catheter but I can honestly say it is not
nearly as bad as I thought it would be and I have not found it to be a
burden. I still work pt and do the things important to me.
Soon I will be learning to do the cycler for nighttime use.
Never having had hemo I can’t speak for it but I’m very grateful that
I am able to do the pd at home.
Best wishes to you and God bless!