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Hi I just found this web site and have read and read,so thank you all
for all your postings. My husband got sick in Jan of this year, he was
working and thought he had caught the flu but instead the nightmare
began. Blood test showed he had end stage renal dis. after 2 hospitals
and 3 surgerys ( fistula, and 2 caths) we were sent home to do Home
hemo dialysis, we then asked about a transplant and was belssed to have
our son ( after the army agreed he could) tested and is giving his dad
a kidney Jan 10th at Barnes Hospital.
Now the questions
should we apply for medicare? we have antea insurance now
and will our life go back to even getting close to normal when he
transplants? I no nothing about what to expect. Please help

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If your husband is not disabled or 65 or older, he can keep Medicare for 36 months after a transplant. Since he recently started home dialysis, Medicare would be a secondary payer for 30 months after he was first eligible to get it. The clock would start with the first month he began dialysis if he started home training before the third month. The advantage to taking Medicare is that any provider that accepts Medicare assignment has to write off any balance that is more than Medicare’s allowed charge. That could save you money. Also, if anything happened to the Aetna, it would be something to fall back on.

A transplant is another form of treatment for kidney failure. You still have to remember to take medications – and it’s very important not to miss anti-rejection drugs. There is more freedom with a transplant since you don’t have to take time to set up and do dialysis. However, there are also stresses related to the cost of drugs (Aetna will pay first and Medicare could pay second on the anti-rejection ones) and worries about possible rejection. Most people do live full lives with a transplant. You might want to check out the Transplant Living website at to read information about transplant before, during, and after. There are also helpful resources there.