New Technology for Creation of ESRD Vascular Accesses

Bioconnect Systems Inc. has developed a new device to help alleviate the problems with creating traditional fistulas. It bridges the gap between the artery and the vein with a proprietary biocompatible material. It is expected to decrease the wait period before the fistula can be used, reduce complications, provide greater and safer flow rates. With this technology and implementation of buttonhole technique the trauma to vessels should be greatly reduced.

That’s fascinating, BIEN, and new to me, at least. I’ll have to forward this on to the Fistula First crew and see if they’re aware of it. Thanks for sharing–we like to know what’s out there!

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Where can we find out more…I went page and the one really did not give a great detail. the other page I could not get on to…

Any info you can give sites etc I would love
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Give we get this in every day lay mans terms???

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I think its basicly bio-compatible artificial bridges to form access connections for people who have trouble getting a natural fistula formed. In other words, connecting small hoses that the immune system does not attack…

I found a description under “Optiflow Technology” that was not written for lay people. The “Demonstration Video” shows how a surgeon would insert this device into the artery and a vein. It appears that no one would cannulate the area where the connection (“anastomosis”) is made. The company says the connector is biocompatible (the body shouldn’t react to it as being foreign tissue) and that using it makes a uniform and reliable connection than is made by doctors when they suture the connection.

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I email the the people and got a very nice email back:


Thanks for your email. Our product is still in development and not yet
available for patient use.

I wish you the best of luck with your treatment. Feel free to call or email
if I can assist you further.

Best regards,

Adam Dakin
President & CEO
Bioconnect Systems, Inc.
Tel. 610-517-5737

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