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Join us on Monday, June 23 for our next FREE WEBINAR about home dialysis! See Nancy Spaeth, LIVE from Seattle, WA and learn How to Live a Good Life with Kidney Failure: Advice from a 42+ Year Patient. Nancy’s kidneys failed in 1966 when she was just 18 years old, and she went through a “Life and Death Committee” to get dialysis. She’s done PD, home HD, and now has a transplant (her fourth). Learn how to have a good life with kidney failure from someone who really knows!

The session will be held at:
6:00pm US Pacific time
7:00pm US Mountain time
8:00pm US Central time
9:00pm US Eastern time
11:00am (TUESDAY) Australia (Geelong) time

This is a web-based session; you don’t need a telephone to take part.

  1. If you are new to the WiZiQ site, click “Not a member? Register.” Fill in your name, email address, and choose a password, and click “Join Now.” When the session time rolls around, click “LAUNCH” and you’re in!

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*To sign up for a PRIZE drawing and get an email reminder before the session, please send an email with “WEBINAR” in the subject heading to: Win a pair of headphones donated by Genesis Worldwide Enterprises! Or, nutrition supplements from VitalRemedyMD, Anasept antiseptic from Smith Biomedical, Topicaine ointment, from ESBA labs, Bleach wipes or ExSept Plus skin antiseptic from Alcavis, or a Duo-Care blood glucose & PB monitor from GenExel-Sein Co. All prizes were donated by companies with listings in our Helpful Products Catalog: