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Join us on Tuesday, August 26 for our next FREE WEBINAR! See Dr. Stuart Sprague, of Northwestern University, LIVE from Chicago, IL and learn about Renal Bone Disease. Learn what you can do to help avoid this long-term dialysis complication!

The session will be held at:
6:00pm US Pacific time
7:00pm US Mountain time
8:00pm US Central time
9:00pm US Eastern time
11:00am (WEDNESDAY – thanks, Melissa!) Australia (Geelong) time

This is a web-based session; you don’t need a telephone to take part. To sign up, visit:

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*To sign up for a PRIZE drawing and get an email reminder before the session, please send an email with “WEBINAR” in the subject heading to: Win a pair of headphones donated by Genesis Worldwide Enterprises! Or, nutrition supplements from VitalRemedyMD, Anasept antiseptic from Smith Biomedical, Topicaine ointment, from ESBA labs, or Bleach wipes or ExSept Plus skin antiseptic from Alcavis. All prizes were donated by companies with listings in our Helpful Products Catalog:

Hi Dori
I think that’s 11am Wednesday, not Thursday Aussie time?

What can I say about Dr. Stuart Sprague?

For one, I credit him with saving my life. If not for Dr. Sprague, I would never have started HHD. That included fighting the hospital beauracracy to get me on HHD in the first place. Dr. Sprague has been my neph since 1998 when I had my nephrectomy. Being a principal researcher in renal osteodystrophy, metabolic bone disease, hyperparathyroidism, and Vitamin D, he travels worldwide to speak on his primary interests. Through the years I’ve participated in several of the studies, including trials on oral Zemplar and Sensipar.

For more information on Dr. Sprague, go HERE. Have your questions prepared in advance.

Thank you for the short URL. Makes it easier for me to post on other sites! :slight_smile: I will be putting this on my site (have already started a thread dedicated to this) and on a Florida one and on an Ohio group list. This is excellent and I am glad Jester told me about this! :slight_smile:

Angie…so pleased to see that your getting involved in this WIZIQ educational format…and that youv’e been active in promoting the site…Richard aka Jester

That’s awesome–thanks, Angie! :smiley:

You guys are welcome! :slight_smile: After all Jester has been of great support to me so I know through him how important this is and then watching one of them I was amazed! These are really informative! I will try to be there this Tuesday but I will be just coming back from my transplant clinic visit.

Hey Jester when does Jessie go for his check up next? Do you guys come to London like me? :slight_smile:

Hope to make it on Tuesday. Will really try but I won’t get back til 8:30-9pm since I am taking the 6pm train back. I should just be walking in the door just in time if at 9pm :wink: woohoo!

Sorry I have missed being at the last couple. Its a work day for me in Oz. But I make sure I catch them afterwards. They are awesome. Congrats again to all those involved. Dori always comes across so well and stays calm under pressure :0)

No Angie …we don’t go to London…Dr Norman Muihead (Dr Agars chum) comes here to Sudbury to check with Jessie and his mom Anne at the same time…but Jessie’s next check up is with his nephrologist on Sept 12th how ironic is that 1 year after his transplant to the day, so we get to celebrate on the 11th his brothers, Steven 23rd birthday, on the 12th one year,
and the 15th Jessie’s 20th birthday… good times

Was about 45 min late joining the seminar this time as I had another engagement. There was lots of static off and on for about the next 20 min. I plan to view the archived version. How did it go and anything new learned?