Nocturnal and alarms

For those who do nocturnal, have you found a way to eliminate alarms at night?

NOcturnal in itself is a way of eliminating, or at least vastly reducing, alarms. The fact that you are running slower, with lower pressures &c. You can also manually amend the pressure limits (at least, I think Beachy does on the Fresenius, altho I never have), so that when you move about, it doesn’t alarm straight away & you get time to settle again. I’ve had very few, in 5 months of nocturnal. I do get a conductivity alarm around an hour’n’half before the finish, as I am running dialysate @ 500, so it’s getting low & I have to take out the funnel & put the wand back in.
But that’s just me… :smiley:

Don’t like saying this in case I jinX myself but no alarms in months all because of lovely buttonholes, good pressures and good taping under and over stocking sleeve I use over needles. 8)

Same as Bear and Beachy, I rarely get an alarm. Also hope we haven’t jinxed ourselves.

HI Bear,
Con ( my husband) is on a 4008B also. He used to have a conductivity alarm always an Hour’n’half before the finish. we also run the dialysate at 500. We thought it was the wand also and jiggled it around, tapped the bi-bag etc… The technician has now increase the water level in the bibag just a bit… THIS FIXED THE PROBLEM!. We haven’t had an alarm since… :slight_smile: The water level in the bag fills to about ( maybe just under) 1 inch from the top of the bag…
Just an idea for you, maybe you could speak to your tech and see what they can do. cheers Queenie

Hi All,
We don’t have alarms also, I make sure all fitings are tight like the transducers.
We do have an occasional heperine alarm but that is my fault for not making sure that the little red ring shows so the plunger works. This only happens in the first 45 minutes while I am still watching TV. I get up and adjust it and we are good for the night.

Pat, Think the Rubin will ever train people on NxStage just to travel? When the NxStage gets approved by the FDA for Nocturnal wonder if they will be looking for any volunteers? I don’t think I’d mind giving it a try.

I think the tech. has already set it for pretty full, judging by what you say. I do not touch the BiBag at all when I take the funnel out & judging by the level in the jerry then, I’m pretty sure it’s too low for having the wand in the funnel. LATER, I get another alarm…maybe +30 mins, when I DO have to belt the daylights outa the BiBag :smiley: …it’s all pretty much used up by the time I finish too.

Hi Marty,
I know that the Rubin is looking into doing nocturnal and Ralph and I have volunteered to do the tryout. I am hoping that since we are so close to the center that they would pick us. HOPE HOPE! I have forwarded the info about Bill P and how he is borrowing the Nxstage. Shari is going to look into to this with Nxstage. I sure hope that borrowing for travel would work out. They are getting more and more on Nxstag.
If I hear anything I will let you know.