Nocturnal is BOSS

Howdy Folks

Iv’e noticed a lot of postings and questions regarding nocturnal… That’s great the more people ask the better… seeing that nocturnal dialysis is BOSS
without a doubt far more superior than PD, CAPD and inadequate conventional “maintanance” heamodialysis .

I now consider conventional to be " maintanance" just that and only that. and it will stay that way until people take a firm stand on the choice of therapy that they want, that is your right.

The idea of one size fits all has to be kicked out of a high flying plane I’d jump too with that senerio… but my parachute will be of common sense not with the wishes and protocol of others…

For Answers on nocturnal I’d suggest/reccomend/encourage that you go to this very informative site Do yourself Justice

Prof John Agar explains nocturnal thoroughly and without the usual mind boggeling technical jargone. Excellent example of a person who not only knows what he’s talking about but how to convey the message in laymans terms. Nocturnal is Boss and so is this site.

In fact Id like to see copies of the literature in this site distibuted to all clinics so that people having to make decisions on forms of therapy will a least have ALL options.

Richard C/o Jessie