Nocturnal schedules

I am wondering what schedules others have come up with for doing nocturnal txs. Know the typical tx would be from about 10 about 6 a.m. But what other possibilities are there? For ex, has anyone tried doing a tx from say 8 p.m. - 4 a.m, coming off and then going back to sleep for a few more hrs of undisturbed sleep? Or does anyone get on at 10 p.m. and do a 10 hr. tx so as to get off at 8 a.m?

Another possibility I’ve wondered about is, has anyone done daytime 8 hr txs just to see what nocturnal length txs feel like and what the results are from more dialysis?

I normally do about 9:20 - mainly because my 950 BiBag won’t do a full 10, which a fair number of my fellow HHD patients do. Depending on how tired I am feeling (and how hard/easy cannulation is), I will actually get started between 20:45 and 22:00. Since I don’t work post-dialysis, I can come off @ 07:00 or even later. :slight_smile:
Doing 8hours in the day “just to see” seems a little extreme…you’ll only really get a change in figures once you’ve been on a regime for a while.
The most I’ve done daytime is 6 hours - after I failed to get on for a nocturnal run, so did the following day, but cut the hours back.
I do about 6 hours on a Sunday evening starting at 18:00ish, where I watch t.v. for a few hours, but usually end up sleeping for the last 1.5 hours or so. The UF goal alarm wakes me to come off & after clearing up & putting the bins out, I go to bed for about 5 hours, before work.
I’ve had to come off, for one reason or another, at about 03:00/04:00 and have then gone back to sleep for a few hours, but I would not want ot be coming off reguarly at that time…I’d rather sleep on. :smiley:

I use the NxStage machine and I go on about 6 am and I get off about 3pm. That is a total of nine hours, but the treatment time on my machine says it was only 8 hours. It does diagnostics that mess with the total amount of time you are on. This schedule works ok for me. I have to use this schedule cause we are not allowed to use the NxStage alone. So I have to wait for my partner to get home in the morning from work.