Not understanding UF rate

I have been reading some post and alot of them say that the UF can’t go below 300. I don’t understand this, unless I am thinking the UF is something that your not.

From my understanding of the UF on our machine, ( fresendius 4008b) is the first one is UF Volume, the second one is UF Rate, then the third one is UF Goal.
UF Volume- is how much has been removed so far in the time you have on.
UF Rate, - is how much will be removed per hour
UF Goal - is how much you have put on and need removing.

Are you all saying that the UF rate can’t go below 300. because if you are, that isn’t so here. We rarely actually go over 300 per hour.

Can someone enlighten me if I am wrong please.

cheers Queenie. :slight_smile:

In my home dialysis unit, they used to tell us to follow the recommendation for Fresenius dialyzers. Mine specified that UF rate should be 300 or more. Now, it doesn’t matter, so, I wouldn’t worry about it. This was to prevent backflushing of dialysate into blood, but this happens to some extent anyway over a long treatment, and so, this is why more attention is paid to water purification nowadays. You can have a UF rate under 300 - if your unit allows that.

Yep, was told same thing about it not mattering particularly with newer hi flux dialysers.

thanks Pierre and beachy. :slight_smile:

Pierre I read the manufacturers guidlines and for the dialysers we are using it says <95 for the UF rate, so well we have never got that low…lol… usually around 200/250. I guess I don’t need to worry to much. I will still ask the doctor of course :slight_smile:
I just wanted to get clear that we were actually talking about the same UF thingy… :slight_smile:

cheers Queenie.

UF rate really depends on how much fluid you have on, and how many hours you are dialysing. A rate of 300ml/hr isnt much at all, and if this is your UF rate, I assume you have hardly any fluid to take off. That is actually a good thing, and will only make you feel alot less washed out after Dx.

It’s just simple arithmetic, but here’s an example. Last night, after a weekend night off, I was 2500 over my usual dry weight. Add 500 ml for rinseback, and that means taking off 3000 ml overnight. For an 8-hour treatment, that worked out to a UF rate of 380.

Now, even a longer 3 hour daily treatment would have meant taking off 1000 ml per hour. I don’t know about you, but I tend to “feel” it when taking off 1000 ml every hour, but I don’t feel a thing when taking off 380 ml.