Number of txs per program

What is the reason programs are not 7x a week? Would you want to dialyze 7x a week so as to not have any less than good days?

There is at least one patient in the same program as me who dialyzes 7 days a week. It’s a choice. Personally, I think I need at least one day or night off. I really feel no different on the off day than any other. I just watch it a bit with the potassium and fluid, but, not that much, really. Another thing is that my RO needs to be disinfected once a week, and ideally, the disinfectant (Renalin) is supposed to be left in it for approx. 48 hours. It’s really nice to get that one night break though.

It seems as if our protocols are very different. We only need to Renalin the R/O monthly, then do cultures, and the Renalin only needs to be left in from 30 minutes to 12 hours. I usually do 2-3 hours and get no more than one or two positive spots in all 4 tests.

I was given that option, only if I wanted. I did try it, but found kinda stressing…the day off was my preffered option…

Cathy our protocol for RO cleaning is the same as yours.

In our program we do 6 nights as they don’t have anyone monitoring on Saturday Nights.

In my case it is up to me, I could dialyze every night if I wanted to but I like having a day off and like Pierre I don’t notice any impact from a night off. I do dialyze 12 or 13 days in a row sometimes before I travel, in fact I have dialyzed 13 times in just over 12 days. I did this by starting the first treatment at my usual time ~7pm and then moving the start time up an hour or two until by the 12th day I’m treating at 4 in the morning, afterwhich I can jump on a late morning flight well dialyzed.

I’m still experimenting. I haven’t traveled in a more than a year.
Before I did the Aksys, I would do treatments every other day 15x to 16x
a month. Sometimes I think the routine is important when and how often. .
Sometimes I feel it’s not. I have tried 2 days on I off , 3 on, 1 off. I’ve tried 6 days and 1 off. I have experimented with a short day off as in Dx at night 8 pm then day off and then 6 am so instead of a 48 hour off period it is only 36. There are many variables for me, as I’ve been on a long while and have diabetic complications besides renal failure.
But I feel good enough to experiment to see what works best for me.
In-center, it always felt like I was floating in the submerged boat, with the water up to my lips and the ceiling brushing my head.
I guess to your specific question about good days vs …
They are all good days anymore as far as that goes the days off and the days on.
Ta, Ta