NxStage machine failure

What is the average length of time those on NxStage have gone before having a machine failure requiring replacement?

I have been using the NxStage since Sept. of 2005. I have not had any machine failure problems.

I just had my cycler replaced at the beginning of March. It was the first exchange since 2/06 I experienced several unrecoverable problems with 50/51, which relates to the heater. I was told that once I went to PureFlow, that problem wouldn’t occur. When it did one night, we decided it probably was the cycler. Ergo, the exchange. I did swap out the jewel box twice; once because the fan got loose, and another because I needed a software upgrade. Quite frankly, since the jewel box’s modem is always on, it seems absurd that a software upgrade can’t be done remotely. I’m told that’s in the future plans. But since data is downloaded practically nightly and the fact a copy of PCAnywhere is loaded on the jewel box, NxStage should be able to do more than just interrogate the machine remotely.

Rich Berkowitz
NxStage 2/06
In-Center 3/03


I had the same machine since I started, no problems

Same machine since October 06. Different jewel box when we went with the pureflow, but not because of problems. We are on our second pureflow unit. No problems since the exchange.