NxStage Nocturnal

Pat, That is really good news. I hope it’s 6 months to a year and it will be available. You be 1st I’ll put in a bid to be 2nd. I would love the convenience of the smaller machine and the option to travel.

Sounds like they will be adapting it to be more like a Baby K :slight_smile:

Will the NxStage be travellable in a nocturnal configuration?


That is what I am shooting for.
Just to be able to do noctural anywhere.
We need to be hook up for the internet so we can be monitored.
So Just about every hotel has that capability. If you choose the one’s that have free internet. We should be all set.

You can even do Satellite Internet monitor, all wireless! …AT&T offers this service all over the globe…

If they are talking about adding a water system, then I would say no, it would no longer be portable. With water systems they are large and need a water source and drain. It has nothing to do with monitoring, actually only a small percentage of nocturnal patients are monitored.

I believe the allient sorbent can do nocturnal without a water system, it is probably a better bet if you want to travel on nocturnal.

I suppose you could take the NxStage and simply do short daily and travel and do nocturnal at home, with any hope that would be possible, since I believe the best thing about the NxStage is the portability.

waiting for my NxStage to arrive so I can start a trial on it

I thought the main benefit of the NxStage was to be able to avoid all the problems/expense of a water system. It says on their website that Nxstage is capable of short or long txs. There have been reports of some patients currently doing long nocturnal txs on NxStage with the bags and a stand alone heparin pump.

The allient has a water system. It uses 6 liters of water the difference being the water is purified by a filter on the machine over and over and over again.
Which is why a separate RO is not required. (I think) No one knows or do they how NxStage is going to handle the water. Maybe it will end up being an additional cartridge and a 6 liter tank.

The truth is that the information is sketchy and is NOT official…However, I did contact my training center and they said they already have a few WellBound clinics doing Nocturnal with NxStage, but that;s all I was told, no details whatsoever on what changes or additions were implemented.

our unit which does nocturnal approached them and they wanted them to change all the patients to short daily. which we all agreed would suck.we also asked about getting the machine for use as a travel modality they were not interested in doing that. I hope they do get it together

According to WellBound, my clinic there are a few patients on NxStage System One doing Nocturnal…

For example, if I were to do it only some adjustments would be done to the machine, using the same 3-4 bags I currently use for short-daily…

So I guess lower pump speed, and longer time… :roll:

…and why am I NOT surprised by this??? :roll:
I still have great reservations about the NxStage, but it does seem that its best use would be as a supplemental machine to allow H.H.D. patients (day or night) on other machines to travel independently, making do with somewhat less dialysis, but sufficient until they get back & certainly more/better than 3 x 5 in some unfamiliar clinic & having to book aeons in advance.
THis however, would not maximise machines leased/sold & therefore profits made (at least I believe that is their thinking…, but which could be erroneous, as in fact, more clinics might be interested in it for this very reason)


I like the idea of having the NxStage for a supplemental machine. I think the NxStage is a good machine but there are still reservations with it. One of the nurses asked the Nephrologist if dad could go on the NxStage. He replied no he was doing to well on nocturnal. They really aren’t sure with the low flow rate how it will work over the long term. Right now they are making a comparison with the PD patients to see if it proves better than PD. They aren’t sure at this point if you would get better daily treatments with the NxStage or Fresenius. Now are these point worth much on a scale from 1 to 10 who knows. And was his decision influenced because he didn’t want to loose a nocturnal patient who knows. I didn’t want to switch anyway so it didn’t matter.

Marty, It will be the Nxstage that I will be using. I’m told that I will be doing six short txs. per week (2 hrs.?) instead of the 3 long txs I now do incenter on the FMC machine. I hear what people are saying about the Nxstage being for traveling; should I be concerned? At present time I only need toxin removal and no fluid removed, if that makes a difference. Lisa (the RN at Westwood unit) has a program; I wonder how the txs are handled for her pts… and if there are different options depending on the particular needs of the individual pt.? Lin.

[Marty writes:quote]They really aren’t sure with the low flow rate how it will work over the long term. [/quote]

Why don’t they know this…can’t they ask NxStage or other units that have programs?

Lin writes:

Lisa (the RN at Westwood unit) has a program; I wonder how the txs are handled for her pts… and if there are different options depending on the particular needs of the individual pt

How many patients will be in your program and will they offer nocturnal txs on NxStage?

The reason they don’t know about long term results is because the NxStage hasn’t been out long enough for there to be an analysis of long term results.
Lin, No don’t be concerned and go for it. Our center has quite a few patients on NxStage and they are continuously calling to sign up for the program. The patients on the NxStage report having more energy and feeling better. No matter how you cut the cards it is better than in-center treatments, just not as good as nocturnal as far as Kt/v, phosphorous control, etc.

Thanks Marty, Was just at kitchen table planning the new addition to house which will include an upstairs laundry room (stairs are getting difficult for me) . There’s a corner for a recliner and room for the Nxstage right near the laundry. On another note just read on HDCN.Com about a new dialyzer that gets even better clearances than the ones we currently have available. It’s being used in Europe but not approved here yet. I’m wondering when, and if it is compatible with home dialysis, at least for now the FMC machines currently used. If you get a chance go take a peak; the stats are exciting. Home pts could get even better clearances; less txs or less time on? Thanks for all your help and encouragement! Lin.

One advantage of long treatments that shouldn’t be forgotten is the low UF rate even for large interdialysis weight gain, and the low blood pump speeds. Both of these may be important factors in reducing strain on the heart in the long term. Short daily can’t compete with nocturnal on that front, even though it may be very good in other ways.

Hi Lin, I also do 6x a week with the NxStage System One… :slight_smile:
On an average basis I do 2.5 hours and sometimes when I skip a day I do 3.5…

People’s opinions of having NxStage for only travel is absurd… :? …NxStage is not a little toy here…its one powerulf little workhorse here that’s saving people’s lives…NxStage wants to people to take it seriously and not just say…“Oh, I only want to use it for travel and then return it…” :roll:

I’ve already been on it for close to one year and a half…orthers have been on it longer than I have…

In your case of just needing toxin removal you’ll be glad that you have chosen Nxstage System One. You will be surprised of its uniqueness and power…you will feel more sense of freedom. You wll feel more like you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just keep in mind that 2.5 hours is the suggested min treatment length for everyone…the longer your on the better chances of minimizing Amyloids

Good luck on the process…along the way please send us pictures of your training session and at first day at home!..Please don’t forget, we wanna see!

Oh Gus, Thanks so much for the info. and encouragement! We recently purchased a digital camera and new Imac so you bet you’re gonna get pics ugly or not lol I admit I’m not the techie in the family but I have connections. We even have a buitin web cam so maybe I can work something out with that too. Lin.