NxStage training

Re NxStage specifically, how long did your training take…hours per day and days per wk., weeks?

8:30am - 1pm…M-F … 14 days…


17 days 8am to noon.

bobeleanor :smiley:

I think it was 8 days from about 10 til 2, but I had already been home trained on a different machine so I only needed to learn the set up not details about home dialysis. I was doing it myself by the second day (with supervision) and by myself after 4 or 5 days for the “test” prior to going home.

It is a very easy machine to learn but there is a lot of other stuff you need to learn about emergencies, symptoms, etc.

home hemo 9/04

It took me about 2 months from scratch. Mind you in the first few weeks I was too ill to set up so I just watched, plus I had a permacath.
Where I trained theres no set time, its generally 3 months, but some people can take more, its no big rush. They wont send you home unless you are 110% confident.

EDIT: Im not on NxStage

Mine was a little rushed only 5 days. Did not have enough vacation time and to much work to do. Never used a machine before either and I do my treatments all by myself. Thats how easy NxStage is to use.

Five days!! :shock:

Does that include cannulating as well??? I find it very hard to beleive that they would send you home that soon.