Nxstage update

the countdown is on. I start Nxstage Aug. 15th… I just received all my supplies for treatment…Wow who would have thought so much stuff would come. I guess when your in the clinic you don’t really realize how many things are needed. Thank you all for all your advice on NXstage… I’ll keep you posted. I have to admit I am a bit sad leaving my dialysis unit that I have been at for 8 years… but now with a new baby at home, and the thought of more freedom, I can not wait to start. I know that it will be a lot different but I think that I am ready.


Hello Vanessa, welcome aboard! Am really happy that your all setup to proceed with your endeavor of starting a whole new future! And of course, keep us posted on your progress! Best wishes to you along the way. If you have further questions or thoughts about the process, well, you know where to come… :smiley:

P.S. Thanks for stopping by my site and signing my guestbook!