Nxstage Users Group Says "Happy New Years"

Its a new year! To kick-start off this great new year we at Nxstage Users Group wishes all a Happy New Years!

We also want to announce that we all know that Nxstage really made some buzz last year and we think they will still do so this year! Nxstage has given us a Second Life, hehe …and now we announce that we have formed a group on Second Life! Yes, we have just started and for those of you who really want the the exteme in social chat over the net well head on to http://www.secondlife.com and download the viewer for free and start exploring the massive virtual world of Second Life.

For all the Nxstage fans we also have a free Nxstage T-Shirt for you to wear in Second Life…“While doing some work for a client it just hit my head, why not Nxstage in Second Life?”…Nxstage= Second Life!

To grab the Free Nxstage T-Shirt go to my cabin located at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hodgeman%20County/17/202/21/ …be sure your Second Life viewer is enabled…

Then go inside the cabin and you will see a crate with floating letters…finally, click on it to take a free copy…for further details and assistance send me an IM inworld to Gusher Castaignede

Once again, Happy New Years all…

Hi Folks

Happy New Year Nxstage users…

Power On Gus with second life, I wish you and all the very Best

Bob Obrien