NxStage vs. Aksys Progress Report

Dear fellow HD patients:

I was in a clinic. I did Aksys for 20 months. Six weeks ago I switched to NxStage System One.

I posted the advantages of NxStage before. I’ve since had blood tests and the results have been fine. The only problem I had was that I was feeling so good that I ate a few foods which I had been avoiding and my potassium spiked up a bit. But it’s OK now.

NxStage vs. Aksys:

–I feel better now than I did two years before I was diagnosed as ESRD.

–I am regular. I no longer have to take laxatives or Metamucil.

–I am taking half of the Heparin I used to take.

–I do not need three naps to get me through the day.

–I do not fall asleep at 8:30 pm. I stay up until 11:00 and awake at 5:30 am. I sleep through the night.

–I have more energy. I’m doing more tasks each day.

–I am exercising better. I am now able to walk as I did before Aksys. I no longer have joint pain.

–I am not exhausted after treatment. When I dialyzed on Aksys I had to nap after treatment.

–My mood is improved. I am happier.

–Fluid removal is about the same. I have not gained weight.

My nephrologist thinks the difference is due to the dialysate and the dialyzer. Perhaps I was having a negative reaction to the Aksys dialysate, which is derived from filtered tap water. NxStage uses prepared, packaged dialysate. The Aksys dialyzer is re-used up to 30 times. The NxStage dialyzer is discarded after each use. The Aksys dialysate enters the bloodstream during prime, backflushes, and rinseback. NxStage only uses hospital-grade saline solution for these functions.

He said the typical tests for HD patients don’t reveal data about positives, only what is typically wrong with patients. So it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reason for my improvement. My neph was a pioneer in the research of hemodialysis at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York. He’s very competent. He has supported me in my quest to find the best possible home hemo.

I just know I feel so much better on NxStage than I did on Aksys.

I know results vary. I can just speak for myself.

An equally important benefit for me is that the NxStage System One does not break down like Aksys did. In 2004, I lost 27 days of dialysis and many hours of time due to mechanical failure. The NxStage unit only operates when in use. It is quiet 21 hours a day.

I have not missed one treatment since early April when I switched modalities. The Aksys PHD broke down the first three days I had it in my home, and kept breaking down for 20 months.

NxStage has improved my life and the life of my husband, who doubles as my HD technician.

Life is good again thanks to NxStage.

Fantastic!..Thanks for sharing your experiences…if possible, can you upload a few pics of your NxStage setup? You don’t have to be in the pic but just an example how your setup looks like at home…

P.S. I’ve got an insider report that NxStage is designing a new dialyzer that will be capable of removing more of the Beta2 Microglobulin that builds up after long term dialysis…


Are you saying the Nxstage doesnt use municipal water to produce dialysate? Where do they get their water?

I don’t understand how you could be on the aksys and not know how it makes ultra pure dialysate. Where did you train? Did they talk to you about how ultra pure dialysate is made? or did they just train you to dialyze at home do you have a partner that they trained instead?

Debby wrote:
I just know I feel so much better on NxStage than I did on Aksys.

Did you run the same length of time on Aksys as NxStage? Because many people have commented that all machines are essentially the same- it is the time on machine that matters.

the NxStage uses bags of dialysate, which means it won’t run up your water bill. also, as compared to Aksys, when you are finished you shut your machine off and don’t have to pay for electricity for 24 hrs a day.
if you develop any kind of leak (which never happened to me) it would only be in the bag and not running all over your floors (once you catch it).