Well I have been on my NxStage for a little over a month now and I am very satisfied with my results. I had an AKSYS machine prior and I like the NxStage much better. I definitely feel much better after a NxStage treatment, I always felt real drained after normal clinic dialysis treatments. Even AKSYS left me somewhat less energetic. Both AKSYS and NxStage take about 2 ¾ hours, the only difference is I’m on six days a week with NxStage and I was running 5 days a week with AKSYS. I still choose NxStage hands down. I had several failures to start treatment with AKSYS and at that point it usually was a show stopper. They went from 24 hour service to 8:00AM to 10:00PM service and the tech that covered my area “Florida”couldn’t get to my machine sometimes for a couple of days. I felt like a regular at the clinic.
There is more storage area needed for NxStage Therapy fluid, but the machine doesn’t have to run 24-7 and the size of the unit is small enough to move if you need to.
I wish I would have started with NxStage now and I can tell you for me I would never want to use anything else.

Thanks NxStage
Bruce K.

Bruce, Thanks for voicing your opinion of the NxStage. I’ve been teetering between switching from Nocturnal to NxStage for a while and all the positive statements I hear help. One question I have for NxStage users is this. When my father was in-center the “fast” fluid removal made him hypotensive. This cleared up when we went on nocturnal. Does anyone with the NxStage have a problem with low BP’s because of short run time.

Hi Bruce,

am glad you found NxStage very useful!..

Before I ever started training my first choice was Aksys, but then I was told of other options so I did more researching and NxStage came to be what I wanted to use.

However, I do wish and hope NxStage streamlines and optimizes this technology. I really want to see this machine get smaller and lighter. Once that is accomplished it would be fantastic…beeing able to move the machine around with ease without needing extra help.

Marty@ For me the hypotensive in-center is a thing of the past…there’s no hypotensive or high pulse rate once doing short-daily…you’ll love it. :slight_smile:

We have been using Nxstage since the first of the year. Cheryl has been on and off some form of dialysis for the last 24 years. Our experience with the NxStage system couldn’t be more positive and the results for her are much improved. Prior to home hemo we ran in center 3 times per week and had significant issues with controling her blood pressure. Three differnet pills per day barely kept it in check. Within three weeks, blood pressures returned to normal levels with the need for medications.

As far as low blood pressure from pulling fluid, each person is different. We do not have a significant issue with low BP while pulling fluid, however there have been occasions where we had to turn off the UF because of pressure drops. Those times really amounted to the fact that we hit her dry weight.

For anyone considering home hemo take the time to research the NxStage system.

Low blood pressure has nothing to do with any machine. Daily hemo minimizes hypotensive episodes simply because you don’t usually have to take off so much fluid in one treatment - unless you drink a lot. You can still outdrink short daily (which I take to mean daily 2 hour treatments), and if you do, don’t kid yourself. You can still get deadly hypertensive crashes if you have to take off too much per hour. If you go longer than 2 hours as many in this group do, you take off less per hour and this helps avoid very high UF rates. But I wouldn’t be too complacent about hypotension. It can still happen, and unexpectedly if you’re not on top of things. You don’t want to have to take off too much per hour, but you also have to an eye on your dry weight. As you eat better and gain real weight, and you keep the same dry weight, your blood pressure will gradually get lower and lower until it’s too low and you’re drying yourself out too much. Then you can get hypotensive.

You can even get hypotensive on daily nocturnal if you drink a lot and don’t watch for gains in real weight.