On the nanotechnology front


There are two new membranes with nanoscale dimensions that have been created. One is silicon membrane which could filter proteins and could be used for dialysis and one is a carbon nanotube membrane that can control water flow. Be able to control and purify molecules will be an important part of molecular nanotechnology systems. These could be bootstrapping technologies and they are interesting and have other potential as well.

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[quote=Bill Peckham;12637]http://advancednano.blogspot.com/2007/02/better-nanoscale-membranes.html

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Impressive, seems we’re not far off from using daily…maybe 5 - 10 years…

Wow how interesting. RPI Rensselaer Polytecnical Institute is right where we live. RPI is in Troy, NY. We also have a big nano center at the University of Albany, Albany, NY
I sure hope I see Albany get into the running also. I know the director Alan Kalaryos is world known. I do not know him personally but he sure has brought a lot to Albany.