Opinions on transplant please

Hi,My husband is doing nocturnal dialysis here in Australia. (nsw) He does every second night because that is all the government will allow.

He started dialysis back in 1980 and recieved a transplant in '85 that lasted 17 years. I have been with since 1980. I have to say back then, because he was young was the best thing to have a transplant. He took his meds regularly, never missed one. and we had 2 children, now grown up.
He has since been back on dialysis for the past 3 years. He wants another transplant. He has however, become a high risk transplant risk simply because he has heart disease ( he had a quad bypass) he also has hepC, with some liver damage. But, he still wants a transplant because of the freedom aspect.

We have recently been told that there is another list here. It is a list for those who have hepC and are happy to receive a kidney from a hep C donor. ( cadavier). We haven’t yet said yes that he is happy to go on this list, but I am researching for him, and looking for information…

There are anumber of options available to him. He could wait on the regular list for a transplant which could take years and years.
He could accept a kidney from a hepC donor. ( they are saying to us when you have hepC, it hasn’t been known to cause the liver disease to progress any quicker when recieving a hep C +donor kidney.
Or he could stay on dialysis and not go on a list.

I know it is easy for me to say, I actually want him to stay on dialysis.
I know that sounds mean, but it is only because that is the devil we know.
He however has different ideas. he is a very positive person and is willing to take the risk.
It is his body and in the end I have to respect his wishes and I will stand by him no matter what he decides. I just like to be very well informed of all the options.
So, I was wondering has anyone heard of anyone having a kidney transplant from a hepC donor either here in Australia or overseas?

I hope I made sense.

Why would you want him to stay on dialysis? It is ultimately his decision what he wants to do. If my fiance said that to me, well then I just dont know what I would do. Dialysis is a horrible life for alot of people, and if a transplant can give him even a little bit of his life back then thats great. He obviously knows the risks involved.