Other kinds of disasters - 8 feet of snow!

Hi y’all,

I just saw this on the Internet news, and thought about our thread on bird flu. Here’s another whole type of disaster that would be much easier to deal with if you’re dialyzing at home (assuming you still have heat, electrical power or a generator, & supplies, of course) than in-center. http://my.earthlink.net/article/nat?guid=20070209/45cbffd0_3426_1335020070209-481787852

I am thankful everyday for home hemo. Last Easter we spend 5 hours and $70 of gas getting to dialysis. It was normally about a 1 hour drive. We had about 70 cm of snow and high winds. There was no way we could get through in 4 wheel drive. The snow was too deep. We had to wait fir the snowplow and then it was only one lane and like driving through a tunnel. That was probably the worse day but there were many others like it.