Pain When Draining

This is my first post. I have been on Pd for 6 months now and was wondering if anyone else who is on home pd experiences pain when you drain?
Sometimes this pain is horrible, Pd nurse says it is normal but has no idea what it actually feels like.
The Pain: this pain they call cramps runs all the way down to the lower most extremities. If this is indeed normal what have you done to relieve the pain?

Any help greatly appreciated

Hi DBurge, Jr. Sorry you haven’t heard back on this topic, but it’s been asked a number of times before. If you search the message boards for “drain pain,” I think you’ll find a lot. You might ask your PD nurse about using a tidal setting (this leaves a small amount of fluid in your belly at the end of the run, instead of sucking it all out). A lot of folks have found that helpful.