Pain while walking

two weeks before suddenly my mom suffered from severe pain when she tried to move from bed. for two days she suffered from the pain.she got treated and we got conclusion that it was because of the weight gain due to which the pipe would have touched the new tissues. and she was given antibiotics. but it has started paining again while moving.and from two days she suffers too pain while draining out the fulid :?: :?:

please do help what is it

She might want to talk with her nurse about these things:
– When did the pain start?
– What was she doing right before she felt the pain for the first time?
– How often does she have the pain?
– Where does she feel the pain?
– How strong is the pain (zero to ten with ten being as bad as it can be)?
– What is she doing that seems to make the pain worse and what, if anything can she do to ease the pain other than take pain medicine?
– How much weight has she gained and over what time period?
– Does she have swelling or shortness of breath related to the weight gain?
– Do lab tests show that PD is working well?

An x-ray can rule out a problem with where the end of the PD catheter is located inside her body. I’d ask the nurse if it’s possible for her to have an x-ray.

Pain is often hard to diagnose because the problem causing the pain may be in one area but the patient feels the pain in a totally different area.

Thanks a lot for reply

Well it was paining silghtly before one week, but she didin’t care enough

Rating the pain i would rate it 8(1-10).for she wasn’t even able to movefrom her bed. we did dialysis which made her a little bit comfortable but not as to make her move then we gave her pain killers and after 4-5 hours she moved
but only to take meals nothing else.

Before the day she shifted some light weighted materials bending downwards

She gained 2 kg weight in 15 days.
it happened for two days. and it hasn’t been 1 month it is happened again.

yes she had swelling at her exit site about 1cm.but after taking medicines she does have it now

please help me

I don’t know what is it.

I’m a social worker, not a doctor. No one can diagnose her without seeing her and doing testing. She needs to talk with her nurse and her kidney doctor.

There could be many things that cause pain. Although pain medications make her more comfortable, at the same time these drugs mask the pain that is trying to tell her that something is wrong and needs to be taken care of. Do not wait. Call her kidney doctor ASAP.

I suggest if you have pain or swelling you get to your doctor or emergency dept asap. It could be peritonitis. Dont use these forums as a substitute for seeing a professional.