Painful throbbing after Haemodialysis (Intermittent)

i want to post a question but I’m not sure if it fits in. Mainly cause I’m not on PD or Home HD.

I’m on IHD, thrice -a-week at a hospital in Mumbai, India. I was looking for an opinion from the experts and/or fellow patients regarding a post-dialysis issue. Some nights, after I’m home from dialysis and finish dinner; i get heavy painful throbbing. It happens at the base of the spine at my back. At times in my stomach. And at times higher up in the chest area. More than one place and even all places many times. I’m not able to remain lying down to sleep. I have to get out of bed and stand; it gets that painful. When it gets severe, the only time its bearable while lying down, is when i hold my breath. Or else, i have to stand up; and then i keep walking around the house… or leaning against the wall when i’m exhausted.

I have been on Dialysis since March 2008; and am currently dialyzed through a right femoral perm-catheter (4 hour session, thrice-a-week)

The throbbing has not been a regular post-dialysis occurrence. There have been days in between when all is fine and i can sleep peacefully, lying down… Sometimes, out of desperation, i take a DOLO 650. It would give relief within 30-40 mins of taking. Some nights it worked; and didn’t some times too.

When i first reported it to the Nephrologist, i was administered a Carnitor injection via the Catheter post-termination of dialysis. It went on for months but didn’t stop the throbbing. I then asked them to stop the injection.

Hoping for some opinion; some direction…

Hi everyone. For the benefit of those who might be suffering the same/similar symptom post-dialysis…

Since last four dialysis, DEX 25% 100ml is being administered post-dialysis.
The throbbing at home, has been much less painful and more bearable since… Thanking God for this thought to the Doctor. God bless~