Patient's Choice

My mother has been on dialysis for 3-4 years now. We have tried to do PD at home and before we even started I explained to the nurse that I have cleaned her pd port and it looked like it was infected. They cleaned the hole up and said I’ll get the nurse to look at it (after they cleaned everything up!) They said looked fine… next day she’s in the hospital septic with peritinitis which later her nephrologist denied.

Anyways, she is now on dialysis 2x a week in center. She has received a certified letter that they are going to discharge her if she does not go 3x a week. Is this legal? How is it okay to force someone to go 3x a week if it is their body and life? I understand that recommending 3x a week is what they want but how are they able to discharge a patient for not going if it is their life to choose. It wasn’t even her doctor that wrote the letter out. Her doctor has told her he shouldn’t have told her it was okay to go only twice a week and now wants her to go three times a week so it wasn’t firstly prescribed to go this much. I am confused on how people can just decide to not go at all but it’s not okay to say you don’t want to go all three days. I am having trouble finding legality in all of this and would love some feedback.