Pd and Disneyland

I am a 46 year old female and my kidneys are gone. I should be starting Pd in the next 6 weeks. I am also a Disneyland nut. I live 1000 miles away and only get to go about once a year. I have a trip scheduled for early December. I’m wondering how restricted my activities will be while at the park. Is it possible to ride rollercoasters while I am there? As coasters go, disneyland’s are really tame.

You should have very little problems at the park. I would call in advance and see if they can offer you some help. If you need to do an exchange they can offer you a room to do it in or they could let you go out to your car. Also if walking is to much they should be able to get you a scooter thingy. People are probably tired of hearing this from me, but be carefull with your salt/fluid intake. Using 4.25% bags is hard on your membrane. You should use them as little as possible. If you can keep the fluid down, you will be able to do PD for a longer time frame if need be…