PD and Swimming


Is there anyone among PD patients who are into swimming while on PD ? If yes, what kind of care needs to be taken for the catheter ?



I still swim in chlorinated pools. I use ostomy bags to keep my tube and site dry. There are other occlusive dressings that would work which would cover the tube and site but they would have more adhesive in contact with the skin and I am a bit sensitive to adhesives. After swimming, I remove the bag, wash with antibacterial soap and tape and bandage as usual. I do this at home and do not open the site to air in public spaces.

Ginger a couple of questions on your swimming does the bag keep your site completely dry can you use the same bag over again. I have looked at them before but not sure what to order so, what is the style number and where do you order it from ……Thanks in advance

I order my ostomy bags over the net from the ‘continent ostomy store’.
I use Cymed bags, closed end with ‘microskin’ barrier model number 85400. They are tricky to put on but I have never had a leak and feel confident to wear them when canoeing in whitewater. The bags can only be used once, which makes it a bit expensive. For me they are well worth it to get the type of exercise that I am used to and enjoy. I found that to get them put on well, I have to peel up half of the adhesive cover and cut that in half then replace it to get the bag on and have it on the abdoman smoothly. I place the tube in the bag and then remove the adhesive cover half at a time. It may be possible to use 2 piece bags but I have not tried them. If you call ostomy bag companies, they will sometimes send you samples to try. They may also recommend particular bags for the type of use you have in mind. I use a cycler at night and am dry during the day so if I put a bag on in the morning, I can leave it on all day if needed without having to worry about opening it for daytime exchanges. Ginger

I followed my PD nurse and nephrologist’s advice:
a) no ocean swimming (most beaches are moderately polluted)
b) no river or lake swimming
c) no public pool swimming
d) only a well-chorinated personal pool

I have had an above-ground pool for years, well before beginning PD two year ago. I waited six months for the catheterization to completely heal; now I swim for an hour every other day, changing dressing after each swim, using ExSept to disinfect and applying gentamycin ointment when re-dressing. Never had any problem…then again, I’ve never had any catheter problems at all since starting PD. Also, I live a mile high in the Arizona desert and the dry weather lessens overall skin fungus and bacteria.