PD Catheter placement

Hi all,

Next week I’m scheduled to have a PD catheter placed in my abdomin for PD home dialysis. I’m presently thinking the placement will be about an inch below my navel, off to the left side. I’m planning on the left side because that is the side my fistula is on and I avoid sleeping on that side.

Any comments or suggestions on my site selection? Anything you have learned that I may benefit from?

Thanks again
Lee Evert [male]
age 65
ESRD 10/06
incenter hemo presently

Hi Lee!

It’s great that you’re thinking about this ahead of time and how it will work, in practical terms, for your life. Have you seen our article about what to expect from PD catheter placement? You can find it here: http://www.homedialysis.org/resources/tom/200608/, and there are lots of other great original articles, Medicare FAQs, and summaries of cutting-edge journal articles here: http://www.homedialysis.org/resources/reading/.

Hey Dori,

Thanks again for posting the links for PD Catheter Placement. Everything is in place for the procedure on Wensday. Looking forward to getting going on PD.

Still getting used to clicking on PD rather than HD!! Back at the front end of the learning curve!!

Lee Evert
age 65
ESRD 10/06
incenter HD currently

Good luck, Lee. I hope all goes well. Let us know how you’re doing.

I received my PD cath on 3/24/08 on my right side & my fisula on my left wrist. They didn’t give me a choice on which side I wanted my cath, but I was scared about the pain from the surgery. The PD cath didn’t hurt that much, but my fisula hurt alot. I’m 31 & I have been fighting Kidney Disease for 4 years. I start PD dialysis in a month.

Hello Lee
I had my cath put in 7/13/07 (easy to remember, it was a Friday the 13th…lol)
anyway, I have not had one bit of trouble with it ! sometimes I forget to do an exchange…but usually it’s around every 4 hours. piece of cake. I do it while online checking emails
Hope your surgeon does a good job, from what I’ve heard, that’s the most important part, getting it put in correctly

let me know how it goes, will keep my fingers crossed for you!
(57 years young)

Good luck Lee.

I am glad you are looking into your placement. Hubby and I were in such shock about what was happening that we did not think about the placement. The site is right were his belt went. He sure wishes the placement was an inch higher or lower. Thank the only fly in the ointment. Everything else is going real smooth. He does his PD at night while sleeping.

Hi Everyone,

This is Lee Evert writing to give you feedback on my PD catheter surgery. It never happened.
A little background information:
I’ve had Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia since 1996. Periodically I take treatment to control the CLL. It is normal for me to have high white blood cell count. To prepare for the surgery I wrote on the surgeon’s questionnaire that I had CLL (He never read it). The pre-op bloodwork showed higher than normal white blood cell count (He never read it). He also never read he letter from my oncologist stating higher than white blood count is normal for me.

I arrived at the hospital, checked in, and go into my surgical gown. An IV was placed, and I was given a shot of heparin. At that time, the surgeon walked in & stated I had highwhite blood cell count & he wouldn’t do the surgery. So, they pulled the IV & I went home totally frustrated & disappointed.

I’m currently considering home hemo or continuing down the PD path. Obviously, my renal center and I will never recommend the surgeon again. Two of the renal center home dialysis nurses were there to observe the surgery, and were equally frustrated.

I was bummed out for awhile but I’m doing fine now!!

Lee Evert
ESRD 10/06
in center hemo

Lee I am sorry to hear about your experience. Sometimes you wonder just how we every survive a visit to the hospital.

Sure am happy that you are doing fine now. Hang in there and keep us up todate on what is going on,.