PD Cycler Audio Feedback

My husband is currently on PD using a Baxter HomeChoice cycler.

When one touches a button on the machine, it makes a noise- audio feedback, I know. Is there a way to turn the noise off? There are days when my husband wants to get up early and start his day, but he doesn’t because he knows that as soon as he starts touching the buttons on the cycler, the audio feedback will wake me up for the day.

I’m not talking about the alarms. They serve a valid purpose. I’m the one that hears them at night and wakes my husband to remedy the cause of the alarm. But, for us, the audio feedback each time a button is pressed is a nuisance.

Many times programmers are able to turn off or change “features” by pressing a specific series of buttons. One can turn off the audio feedback when pressing iPhone buttons, for example. Hopefully, the audio feature on the cycler can be changed.

I have reviewed the cycler manual and I do not see anything that answers this question.

Thanks in advance for your help. / cel (the light sleeper :blush:)

PS- please don’t refer me to the Facebook groups. I/we are not on Facebook.

Call Baxter or ask your PD nurse.

In the manual there is a section on how to turn down the volume on the cycler. The alarms will still sound as that is a safety feature but I have turned down the volume on our cycler…my husband doesn’t hear anything at night so it’s just for my comfort.