PD first? or Fistula?

My mom just started dialysis a month ago and has the cath in the neck. We have an appt on the 29th with the surgeon regarding a fistula. She wants the PD first and then down the road do the fistula. Is that a good idea? or should she get her fistula done first and then the PD?

Hi Guest, and welcome to Home Dialysis Central. At this pont, the recommendation through the Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative (K/DOQI) Guidelines and the Fistula First program is that people who choose PD should be evaluated for a fistula–but not necessarily get one placed unless/until it becomes clear that PD is failing. The goal then is to get a fistula before a switch to hemo is needed. So, starting PD and then having a fistula placed should work fine.

Sorry for not using my name before! Thank you Dori for the recommendation. We will talk with the doctor next week and explain what we are wanting to do. Kim