PD nurse for assistance

Hi everyone,
So happy to find this board! My mother in law is on PD with Baxter Home Choice automated cycler which she hooks up to every night and does not do daytime exchanges. She wants to come and visit us for about a week and has no problems with taking her machine and getting supplies forwarded. The problem is that she does not know how to hook and unhook herself and I understand there is quite a process to it. I want to learn this but can’t be trained unless her care is transferred back to California (she currently lives in Hawaii). Does anyone know of a nursing service whereby we could pay a PD nurse to come to our home each evening and set her up for her dialysis? I live in the San Diego area. Many thanks for your thoughts,

Mary, Since your mother in law is on PD and has a PD unit where she located a dialysis Unit. I have found the nurses KNOW how to set up for a Vacation. She already can have all supplies sent to your home. I am sure if she or you were to contact her PD nurse or Social worker they could work something out, maybe even have a center near you train you on how to connect her. It’s not that hard, scary at first but it’s a do-able issue with training. Call her and ask your mother in law to have the social worker contact you. I am sure you will not be able to contact them with all the HIPPAA laws in effect but with her permission, it can be a team effort and very successful. I hope she can visit, PD or even HD should never stop us from visiting our loved ones. Dialysis it tough but it can not stop us !! Good luck.

The problem is that she does not know how to hook and unhook herself and I understand there is quite a process to it.

Mary, who connects and disconnects your mother in law now? Usually this is something a patient is trained to do him or herself. It may be easier for her to get this training and come visit you and do it herself than for you to get someone to train you.

Hooking up is not hard to do. Her nurse will contact a renal clinic nearby in case she has problems. Contact her nurse or the nearby renal clinic to talk you through the setup. :lol:

Try calling Ofelia Rivera at 858-627-3500. She works with admissions for Fresenius clinics in the San Diego area. Between Ofelia and the social worker, Stephanie Johnstone, they will help to figure out her type of supplies and insurance to see if they can find someone to help you.