PD Security Bands

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I have been doing In Center Hemo for about 16 months. I’m switching to Peritoneal soon. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions about a PD security band? I’m pretty active and get to the gym on my non-dialysis days. I’m thinking a band would keep the catheter in place. Any experience out there?

It’s terrific that you’re switching to PD and that you work out regularly. Be sure you talk with your doctor or home training nurse about lifting weights if you will be doing CAPD and having solution in your abdomen at all times.

The Home Dialysis Central Helpful Products catalog lists one kind of PD belt:

This is only one of the types of belts. Using Google, I found others:
http://www.patientspride.com/ (this one is called a PD security band, but most are called PD belts)
http://www.worldtechnological.com/ (disposable instead of washable)

I suspect if you sew or know someone who does, it wouldn’t be too difficult to make a belt. I bet most PD patients use gauze and tape to secure the PD catheter to their body.

If people have experience with any of these belts, please feel free to chime in with your evaluation of the belt(s) you’ve used.

It’s also possible that if a presternal catheter is available in your area, it might be a good fit for your active lifestyle. You can read about presternal catheters in our article: http://www.homedialysis.org/resources/tom/200507/.

Oops–forgot to mention that I can’t tell from your name if you are a woman or a man, but if you are a woman, you can tuck a presternal catheter into a sport’s bra. I’m not sure what the best way would be to keep it in place if you’re a man, but suspect something could be rigged up with a tank top…

Thank you Dori and Beth for the info. I’m excited and ready to get started. I’l do CAPD for four weeks and then switch to a Baxter automated system at night. I’m new to the PD dialysis and have alot to learn. Dori, I’m a 65 yr old guy who sits in a recliner too much and need to exercise to keep limber!!


Hi Lee,

Well, there goes the bra idea! :wink: There are lots of folks here who do PD and can tell you more about it when you get that far. Feel free to keep asking questions…

My husband really likes the belt from Kidney Stuff.com or Stickman.
Stickman has two types. One is heavier material and the other is lighter material for summer and showers.
He likes the shower material the best as it is softer and more flexible.

We also use the warmer that Stickman has called the "Daytripper"as it is AC or DC and we can take it in the car so he never is late on dialysis time or misses an exchange even though we are traveling or just out shopping .

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Stickman.com is a great site and now one of my “favorites”. Thanks for the info.


We just ordered a band from Frank Scott. It is linked on the front page of this website. My husband is 26 and already can’t stand to tape the connector in place.

We have tried two bands. One from Simon and one from Staubs. Hubby wears the one from
Simon during the day and the one from Staubs at night as it holds the catheter so secure.

We also ordered Patient’s Pride last week. Excited to see how this one will work. The security of the band-belts does wonders for my husband. He can’t stand the tape either. He is 63 years old.

Hello to you. We tried three different PD security bands and hubby will not sure any of them. His choice. I wish he would. It think the belt would keep the catheter more secure and stable. Then again I am not the one with the catheter.

I know this isn’t any help.

That’s terrific news! I haven’t tried working out since I was diagnosed so I’m not really sure. But to ease your mind, consult your doctor about it as soon as possible.

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