Peritoneal dialysis

Hi! IOn May 6,2007 I had a catheter put in I did dialysis for three days of training then I did it once at home. then the catheter quit working I went 3 months with it in my belly causing all kinds of pain . I went to see doctor and she said that thing has to come out. so it came out they showed me a picture of it where it was kinked . I had another one put in oct 22 I start training again the 6th of this month wish me good luck. I am not on dialysis yet my creatine 3.7 cheers virtsma

I went for my training with my new catheter today and the dialysis nurse couldn’t get it to work again . she called the doctor and he sent me for xrays . I will try again tomorrow has any body had that problem > Virtsma

Virtsma, the X-rays are probably to make sure there isn’t a kink in the tubing that’s inside your belly. If not, the problem may be something like a fibrin clot, which can be dissolved with medication. So, for your sake, let’s hope that’s the issue–it’s pretty easily fixed. Other folks who use PD may have more ideas, too.

Hello Virtsma
I wish you all the best with your “new” catheter & hope it’s all “smooth sailing” from here on. You must be feeling lousy without dialysis. I hope your renal team have been keeping you as comfortable as possible.
You shouldn’t need too much extra training with the new one as you did training with the faulty one!
Thinking of you.
Aussie Angie.

Hello again Virstma
I read your 2nd post about the catheter still not working! I’m very sorry you’re having this trouble. I remember having trouble like this only on a couple of occasions & it was fibrin which eventually moved itself. Then no problem with draining in & out. I too hope this is the problem with yours.
Thinking of you.
Cheers, Aussie Angie.

the xray showed that the catheter was out of place . they made me take a laxitive and tried againtoday it still would not work. So I have an appointment with the surgeon that put it in next week. To see what can be done . The dialysis nurse did some blood work today and she called me to go for another test for Hepetitis B I don’t under stand I had hepetitis vaccine a while back.Virtsma

HelloAussie Angie no luck with my new catheter I go see the surgeon tomorrow get evaluated then to the hospital where he is supposed to do some thing. I feel fine my numbers aren’t too bad yet but they are getting there. my Creatine is 3.6. I am getting anxious… thank you for thinking of me. Teresa

Dear Teresa
What a DRAMA for you. I’m so sorry. I really do hope & pray the surgeon can sort this out properly so you don’d have any more problems & can get started on PD.
I can fully understand your anxiety too. There’s lots of anxiety involved when your own health & well-being is not running smoothly.
All the best. Cheers, Aussie Angie.

Dear Aussie Angie thank you for the kind words . I go in for surgery tomorrow the surgeon either fixes or replaces my catheter, I let you know what happens cheers Teresa

Hi Teresa,

Did the same surgeon put in both catheters? How much many PD catheters has he/she placed? Some surgeons are more experienced placing catheters than others and those who are more experienced seem to place catheters that have few, if any, problems. Do you have to use the surgeon you’ve been using? I had a patient once whose insurance made him go to a surgeon who had little experience in PD catheter placement. After two failed attempts, he gave up. I’d hate for that to happen with you.

Beth I had two different surgeons the second had more experience he claims that the dialysis people took too long to do dialysis. yesterday i went in for surgery . he said I had spider web type adhesions blocking the catheter. so he cleaned and moved thecatheter and he wants me to startdialysis in two weeks. so I am hoping it works. cheers Teresa

Aussie Angie. the surgeon said I had spider web type adhesions blocking the catheter. he said he tried to clean. and position the catheter. so it might work. he said I should start dialysis in two weeks don’t wait 7 weeks like the first one I hope it works this time. cheers Teresa

I had this problem also when I first had my catheter put in. I went to the hospital and a doctor just put it back into place. Your catheter probably is not in it’s proper place for proper drainage.

They have you lie on the bed in surgery room. They stick a metal bendable rod into the catheter and twist and tug and push until it falls into place, all while looking inside you with an x-ray machine.

You are awake the whole time. It’s not painful, just a little discomfort.

Good luck.

Teresa what is going on now?

I finally started my peritoneal . dialysis. But I am fighting the doctor and the nurse because the want me to give up my pump. Virtsma

Hi Virtsma,

I just learned about this site, and wonder if maybe some of the folks there have run into issues with dialysis?

As you know, Beth and I both believe that your best bet may be to switch doctors–go to a different clinic that has more experience. You can look for clinics in your area here: Getting rid of your insulin pump because they don’t understand it cannot be in your best interests.

Hi Every one. what an experience I had. I started Peritoneal dialysis about 2 or three months ago. I am doing fine on CAPD. I went in for my Kt/V test a month ago. they put stuff in the wrong tubes and couldn’t be tested. so I had to go repeat the test yesterday.I had a PETtest …
the nurse tells me I am a slow transporterand not a candidate for the cycler. but she might give it a try. and have also been fighting the doc. and nurse to let me keep my insulin pump.I will keep you posted to see what happens .

I know I am new to this so and my pd catheter is not working since the o/r when they first put in but Why would they want you to lose the pump.?? That makes no sense?? The pump gives you better control which you would think they want !!!
I have never heard of a dr pushing against the pump!

Hello Virstma
I was so happy to read that your PD is finally working & successfully. I never used the cycler so don’t know the advantages compared to PD, but I do know you must be so relieved (& feeling so much better) to be getting good dialysis for yr kidneys.
As for the insulin pump, keep fighting for this one as it is so much better for yr health to have yr BSL’S under tight control. The doc & nurse would have to have a very good reason for suggesting otherwise!
Thinking of you.
Cheers, Aussie Angie.

HI every one! I am doing great . I start training on the cycler on the 15th and I get to keep my pump. I had to fight pretty hard for it. My Peritaneal Dialysis is going fine. My husband is a great helper. he prepares every thing for me , all I have to do is plug in Then he cleans up. I will keep you posted on how the cycler goes.
cheers Virtsma