Pierre, oh Pierre

I haven’t seen you post since the slightly heated conversation. I hope you have just been busy and there are no hurt feelings.

I believe I am one of the people who you were referring to as complaining, and I understand your position. I want it clear that if the NxStage had not worked for me I would have stayed on the Fresenius. I also want to say that I have spent 4 hours a day on dialysis for a year and a half, 6x a week, and also would have continued that.

I can’t help but be pleased that I now spend about 4 hours a day total doing dialysis. I can’t help but be jealous that nocturnal works for you, I think it is by far the best dialysis you can get. I have found out that I have some form of sleep apnea, got a call from a tech to make an appt for a cpap machine, but haven’t heard from the doctor to get my results, which is just another “cross” to bear for me.

I don’t think that looking for better alternatives, or alternatives that work better for us, needs to necessarily be complaining. I do think there are some people who think there is one answer to everything, and those of us actually doing home dialysis know that it simply isn’t true, and that can be frustrating too.

You are someone whose opinion and posts I admire. I think you have a lot to offer in encouraging nocturnal and answering questions. I trust we will see you posting soon.

Your online friend,


Hehehe, I already know what dialysis itself can do to patients… :stuck_out_tongue:

When I was younger and just a starter on dialysis I was a rebel…har, har, har…man, I was a madman…I didn’t want to accept the reality that iwas gonna live like this my entire life! :cry:

I guess sometimes we have let it all out somewhere along the line… :roll:

That’s so nice of you, Cathy. It’s wonderful and touching to have friends, even if it’s only knowing them from little strokes on a keyboard. I just took a little break. There was a terrible suicide in the family - a cousin’s 20 year old son hung himself. A perfectly healthy young man too, so that certainly puts my problems in perspective. I’ve had a few other problems to deal with lately as well.

My last posts were not aimed at anyone in particular, truly. I was just suggesting that we should look more at the positives and less at negatives, that’s all - you know, count our blessings. I know we all do that anyway.

Gus, you’re so right. We are all under so much pressure, and sometimes it just has to come out.



So sorry to hear about whats been going on and it sure does put things in perspective. Glad to see you posting again. You have a wealth of information and after reading your post, I’m always reinforced.


glad to know your okay…sorry to hear about your cousin’s kid… :frowning:

Oh Pierre

A big cyber hug to you. I very sorry to hear about your troubles. That must have been awful news for you.

As Gus said, everone is entitled to a “dummy spit” now and then. You do need to know how much you are appreciated though and I know I have told you before how I couldn’t have got through these last few months without you all, but especially you for your thoughtful and precise suggestions , comments and ideas for Nocturnal.

Hang in there mate.

hey i am so happy we are in this together to share things with, it makes a big difference. wish i could invite everyone over for a big bar-b-que. was just wondering what state and town do everyone live? i am in maine

Thanks Beachy, I really appreciate your kinds words. You too Heather. Maine is a little far for me now, but I did spend a fair amount of time in Maine when I lived in New Brunswick. It’s a beautiful state, although I have to say, some of your roads are pretty rough :slight_smile:

Barbie sounds lovely, guys. it might be a long time coming for those of us down under. I can smell those ribs from here! :cry:

Sure Gus will be able to set up some smellaround camera that could even send a few cyber elk steaks down the line for us if he sets his mind to it though! :wink:

Hmmm…Maine, eh? Sorry, that’s a bit far for Beachy & myself Heather :lol:
Even we two are a couple of hundred kms apart! …and whole ocean & continent away from you!! 8)