Please check old threads!

Hi y’all!

If you register for this message board, you can get notification if someone posts to a thread you’ve sent a message to. BUT…if someone starts a NEW thread, you won’t know about it. We’re checking to see if it’s possible to notify folks if ANYTHING is posted to these boards, but it may not be.

So if you’re interested in home hemo, please check back to see if there’s new info you might want to know about. And before starting a NEW thread, please look back and see if there’s one you could post to. If anyone posts to an old thread, it pops up to the top of the list so it’s easy to find.

Thanks!! :smiley:

Reading and then posting to established threads is one way to improve an internet discussion board’s usability. I suggest that we expand this thread’s discussion to include other ways to improve the dialog. Ways that a person’s posting habits can strengthen or weaken the online CKD community.

For instance, it does help to post under a constant name and even better to register. “Guest” is the default name and posts under this byline are by numerous people. Even if one chooses to not register it would help to pick a unique handle and stay with it.

We should all remember that communicating over the internet is different then any kind of in person communication. Most posts are anonymous even when the poster signs a name. The way around this is time. I feel like I know Marty because she posts under the same handle and over the years I’ve learned her story. I’m getting to know Gus because I can follow his thinking/story in his posts over time.

After participating in online discussions for over 8 years I’ve developed a healthy skepticism, however, I also know that first time users are arriving on the internet every day. And I know that learning a new skill – communicating online while adjusting to ones own CKD or the illness of a loved one – takes time. We all face challenges when we choose to participate in the online world, I think a thread discussing effective online communication will only help us understand one another.

I also would suggest re-organization of the board…before it gets too large and out of hand. My suggestion would be to add more sections to the forum…for example,

HD–For Patients

  • General Chat: Generally speak about home dialysis.
  •       Off Topic: Nothing to  do with home dialysis.
  • Success Stories: Nice news about home dialysis accomplishments.
  •      Education: Questions/Answers and resources about home dialysis.
  • Renal Recipes: Post your secret renal Recipes.

If moderators are needed for this board I’ll be glad to help. I have extensive web development exeperience… 8)

Hi Gus!

Glad to see you back here, and thanks so much for posting that terrific photo to the “Welcome to Modesto” thread!

I like your idea of dividing the Board into categories–let’s see if other folks agree, and we can talk. I’ll check in with our web manager about the possibility of adding images, to make it easier for people to post their photos–they add so much!

Thanks also for the offer to help moderate. We should definitely talk about that…


Hi y’all,

If you scroll down in the “Post a Reply” box, you’ll see that you can now upload photos more easily. This is a new change we’ve made to make it easier to share photos with a jpg, tif, gif, tga, or png file name, up to 300 KB in size. :lol:

Thank you, greatly appreciated! 8)