Please join our next free Webinar on June 30!

Hi y’all,

Home Dialysis Central is hosting a FREE webinar on Tuesday, June 30, entitled Maintaining Intimacy in a Home Dialysis Relationship. The session will be held at:
11:00 a.m. Pacific time
12:00 noon Mountain time
1:00 p.m. Central time
2:00 p.m. Eastern time

Our presenter, Robin Siegal,is a nephrology social worker with 14 years of PD experience and 30 years of couples counseling and family therapy. She is adjuct faculty at USC.

We have just 100 seats available, so please register now, by clicking this link: We will also be recording the session for later viewing. See you there!

We are also offering DOOR PRIZES, courtesy of the companies whose products are in our Helpful Products Catalog. These include:
– Topicaine ointment from ESBA Laboratories…&products_id=6
– Protein bars from VItalRemedy.MD
– Fish oil from VitalRemedy.MD
– A Hemastrap by Hema Assist (holds HD tubing in place)
– Quality headphones by Genesis Worldwide Enterprizes

Sounds like an excellent topic, very important that this should be talked about openly. Congratulations to the organizers.
By my calculations, the time difference converts to 4am Wednesday 1st July Eastern standard time, Ausralia I think… Anyone with a maths brain like to confirm? If most of us Aussies are not on deck that early then we look forward to catching the recording.

Oh this is great! I told people at the Renal Support Network about it too! Hope 100 seats will be enough :wink: This topic is an under-talked-about one that a lot of people talk about.

As for WORLD timezones click this link:

Hi Beachy,

Yes, sorry about the Australian time. When we did these sessions in the evening in the U.S., they were in the mid-morning for Australia, but 3am for Europe. We thought it would be fair to give some other folks a shot at taking part live. We record all of the sessions, though.

Will the sound quality be better in the recorded session this time? It was quite bad in the last one that I downloaded and sent my dialysis unit.

You might have caught it when we first put it up. We put a new file up that has much better sound. :slight_smile:

Oh wow thanks for telling me! I will go grab it right now! Thank you so much! Yes I grabbed it as soon as I was told it was up as I couldn’t wait! Thank you!

Okay I checked … and I can’t see where to download it … but I did see the link to VIEW it … and I had to purposely crash my browser as it locked it up so badly I couldn’t do anything and my CPU usage was 100% (I only have a single so that used it up). Umm… how come WizIQ never did that to my computer? I think that is why the sound quality was bad for me … as yes … viewing it this time was just as bad (for me anyway) where as when I went back to view a WizIQ one … it sounded great and played well.

Hi Angie,
Oh, shoot. The recorded files are HUGE, so I’m not sure that downloading them is an option. WizIQ might have had a way to make smaller files. Unfortunately, the platform itself was not stable, so we had to stop using it. I know our IT guy has spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out how to make the files smaller. We may have to stop capturing the text window, because that would make the recordings smaller.

Hi Dori,

I just tried watching the Stuart Mott presentation and it went up to about 6 minutes and then restarted all over again. This happened repeatedly. I am using Safari on a Mac. Not sure if this is a problem.


Thanks, Kamal. I’ll ask about that…

Yeah I am using Firefox myself … I didn’t even get to downloading it … it was just playing it that I could not finish … the computer had major issues with it. But it wasn’t just me … Sandman has a much better computer and uses IE8 and even he said it should not have put that much of a load on any computer no matter how large it was…

Seems there is something that needs to be fixed?

Sorry Dori I have an appointment on Tuesday at EXACTLY 2pm which would have been my time. So I won’t be able to attend this time. Someone else could take my slot. I am sorry as I really wanted to attend.

I just met Robin Siegal during a practice session Dori and I had with her this morning, and I can vouch this webinar is going to be a doozy. Robin is not only passionate about the subject, but very knowledgeable. This is an issue that may affect more than you think with renal failure, and there are good reasons why. So leave any shame you might have at the door, and come learn about something that is so very important to live a full and satisfying life.

I have a question. Are there any more seats left (do you know?) or am I able to give away my seat since I can’t attend after all like I wanted to? Don’t know how this works. Thanks.

Hi Angie,

Yes, we still have seats left. So, if you know someone who wants to join us, send 'em along. :slight_smile:

I tried the Stuart Mott webinar again today and it works. Thanks Dori!


[QUOTE=Dori Schatell;18003]Hi Angie,

Yes, we still have seats left. So, if you know someone who wants to join us, send 'em along. :-)[/QUOTE]

That is excellent! I will let everyone I can know they can still sign up because last time I know a few people who tried after seats were full.

Hi Angie,

We haven’t ever over-filled yet, so I suspect folks might not have been trying the right link. :slight_smile: