Poor Appetite

I have a very poor appetite and my physician recommened a nutrition called Pro-Stat 64. Has anyone tried this?? I want to buy it as soon as possible and need some advice. I don’t like to purchase online but could only find in at online stores and the cheapest there was $28.50 at www.cwimedical.com.

My AOL name is MKAT223 if anyone would like to speak to me about this. Or please reply to this message as soon as you can. I would appreciate it soooo much! Thank you

I tried a bottle of the Prostat about 2 months ago. I bought the butter pecan, as that was the flavor the dietician said was the best It tastes really strange, and is as thick as maple syrup. I had a difficult time taking it, but it is a very small cup, so at least it doesn’t make you full. I’ve switched to protein bars recommended by my dialysis unit, and often just make a shake of rice milk and protein powder that the unit recommends.

I like the wild cherry. And I bought it at www.cwimedical.com They even have recipes for the Pro-Stat