Pulling needles

Does anyone have any tips for how you secure your needles at the same time you are pulling them so they don’t slip out on you?

Try not to move your arm and the cannulas just seem to stay put.

Which needle do you pull out first when self-pulling :lol:

Always the venous. 8)

We always pull out the venus first in-center, but from what we observed of the home patient, when pulling out the venous first, the ven needle tended to get hooked on the art needle/taping. Have you ever had this problem? Is there a rationale for which buttonhole needle should be pulled first?

Heather, mine are very close to each other and can sometimes get a bit caught, but it is amazing what you can manage with one thumb and finger on a non dominant hand if you just go about things carefully. There is always a solution. 8)